Digital Story Telling Platform

Our experts work with your story tellers to digitize unique stories that are presented in both the physical and virtual world, preserving history and creating lasting memories (Digital Souvenirs) for future generations.

Both residents and visitors can discover unique perspectives of historical and culturally significant points of interest

Rich information is discovered as scenarios are triggered via maps, portals, geofences and mobile apps.

We install infrastructure both indoors and out
How We Do It

Geo Fence

Geofence are virtual boundaries that trigger scenarios as consumers pass in and out of these regions. Receive a welcome message from the Mayor of your town, or get an invitation to your local play.

An IoT (Internet of Things) gateway collects all of the information from a series of sensors including low power bluetooth devices, sensors and beacons

As a consumer navigates  your community or location, our platform triggers a wide variety of actions and scenarios including media presentation or physical actions such as opening a door, setting the thermostat or making a coffee

Actions are triggered in the physical world as cultural tourists move from one location to another