Creating Cultural Capital
Community Programs

ACT Exchange has created a series of programs that communities can adopt to create sustainability.  Our programs include methods to fund specific projects like building a new community center, or health clinic to creating an ongoing revenue stream to support the community development agency and its projects.

Online Purchases

Visitors and tourists purchase tickets and reserve tables online and receive a mobile wallet pass on their smartphones. 

Products & Services

ACT provides a complete array of products for visitors including print material and souvenirs (colouring books, tourist applications, high resolution images and videos). In addition, it creates local jobs for residents by creating programs such as tours and unique experiences to be consumed by visitors. Lastly, it allows all events and attractions to be marketed to visitors and residents through its online properties. 

AI Tourism App


Visitors and tourists can find out what there is to see and do, from touristic points of interest, restaurants to upcoming events.

Rich Information

Our white label  tourism APP provides detailed informations on any person, place or thing. Find out about the story behind the story, told in multiple languages.

Create Tours

Visitors and Tourists create their daily itineraries and discover the community at their pace. The app navigate them to their next chosen stop.

Print Material, Active Images,
Local Souvenirs

ACT provides a complete array of souvenirs that can be sold through local merchants or packaged as part of a welcome kit. They are perfect for leisure and business travellers or as a last minute gift. We combine the best of local offerings with professionally curated product offerings.