Putting heads in beds and bums in chairs
Smart Tourism

Smart Tourism is much more than the installation of IOT (Internet of Things) sensors and beacons. It is also about creating strategic campaigns that focus on the customer experience.

ACT creates digital and physical campaigns that change the way a destination promote itself. No longer can destinations just sit on the side line and wait for customers to come to their doors.

We build programs for leisure, business and convention travel.

Proximity Site Platform

Our Proximity Site (PS) platform allows residents and visitors to discover unique perspectives of culturally and historically significant points of interest as they explore a city. The presented  information is triggered via digital maps, portals, geo-fences, beacons and mobile apps. ACT PS also offers visitors the possibility to create personalised walking tours as well as digital personalised souvenirs that combine images of local attractions and personal images. The ACT platform works with each community to make a city come to life in the physical and virtual world.



Augmented Reality