About ACT
The Association for Cultural and Tourism Exchange (ACT) is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Strasbourg, with chapters around the world. Founded in 2010, its initial purpose was to give continuity to the projects started at the Council of Europe. While originally focused on the development of wine tourism, ACT has expanded its scope of action to the promotion of culture throughout the world.

ACT’s mission is to support the cultural sector and its activities by bringing attention to local events, exhibits and points of interest. ACT products and services are aimed to stimulate the local economy and promote the financial support of both the sector and community programs.

ACT guides cultural producers and connects them with cultural consumers. Working collaboratively with individuals, communities, associations, and other NGOs in local or international projects, ACT aims to promote cultural and community causes. We see culture as a way to bring awareness to both local and international issues.

The Mission of ACT
  • To build and maintain bridges between cultural actors, academia, governments (local, regional, national and international) and seek funding from our commercial stakeholders including SME’s and multinational organisations.
  • To work collaboratively with individuals, communities and other associations so as to drive tourists and locals to events.
  • ACT continuously develops products for the improvement of the tourist experience (interactive maps, educational materials, etc.)
  • ACT provides archival storage and systems for special collections and individuals to make their documents available to a wide public.
  • ACT creates interactive applications to enhance a visitor’s cultural exposure.
What ACT Does

ACT supports the cultural sector and its activities by bringing attention to local events, exhibits and points of interest. Our products and services aim to stimulate the local economy and promotes the financial support of the sector and associated community programs.

Our Vision

A connected world where culture is readily accessible and easily shared. ACT envisions a vibrant, connected community that is driven by advanced technology and social media.

Our Mission

To provide an affordable platform that facilitates the digitalisation of communities, preserving their history, chronicling their present, and projecting their future.

Our Values

We believe that in order for communities to thrive in a new and ever-changing cultural context, everyone who has a stake in the cultural ecosystem must work together for its overall success.