Les 48h de l’Innovation Touristique du Grand Est

ACT had the chance to participate an hakaton on Innovations in the touristic and cultural sector.

Our team met with different cultural providers and tried to answer their needs in term of touristic innovations. We also had the opportunity to meet with experts in different fields who could assist us in our deployment.

The teams competed for six support awards and four financial ones.

We were lucky enough to have been paired with a coach and four students (Amelie Keller, Julie Pierre, Laure Portier and Manon Dos Santos) from YSchools who understood our vision and our project so well that two of them presented it in front of the judges panel made of:

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, President of Champagne Taittinger and the Unesco Mission of Champagne,
  • Dominique Hummel, Director of innovation of Compagnie des Alpes,
  • Yann Quiquandon, CEO Batorama,
  • Eric Bagriot, General Manager Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs Group,
  • Jackie Helfgott, President of the Tourism Commission – Région Grand Est,
  • Max Delmond, President Alsace Destination Tourisme
  • Julia Luczak-Rougeaux, Chief Editor of TOM.travel.

ACT was the only team to win both a support and a financial award: Support Price from Semia and Financial Price from Grand Enov.