The Story of ACT

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July 2019

Institutional Archival Platform Launched
ACT has developed a platform to manage an unlimited array of cultural assets.

Sept 2019

ACT Explorer App is ready for testing!
ACT launches its proximity-based mobile app in a closed beta.


Cultural Platform Launched
ACT continued the development of its cultural platform. It recruited a programming team and a design team to create and develop a proximity platform with a mobile application.

October 2016

Cultural Cabaret
ACT launched its first cultural cabaret in partnership with Center College and its students. The event was showcasing the culture of Kentucky through its food, art, and music.

September 2016

Partnership with Centre College
ACTE partners with Centre College from Kentucky to launch an internship program with its abroad students in Strasbourg.

June 2016

Assembly General
The general assembly was held in Strasbourg and attended by the current directors and officers and the new members of ACT. New directors were elected and the current officers resigned. A new president was elected.


Microsoft Partnerships
ACT partnered with Microsoft and the Council of Europe to develop an internet portal for wine routes, a virtual map encompassing all existing wine routes in Europe, allowing viticulturists to showcase their goods, products, and services.

October 2013

Università di Asti
Madelena Grossmann and Santiago Vivanco give a conference on Italian wine routes and the promotion of culture at Università di Asti.


Cultural Training Program in La Rioja
ACT Exchange ran a cultural training program in La Rioja, Spain, developing a network of potential partners, creating a dynamic of cooperation between cultural tourism entities, and collaboratively setting out a model of creative wine tourism training in La Rioja.


Wine Museum Portal
ACT created a program for the development of the great vine and wine museums worldwide. ACT promoted a wine museum portal, subject to special financing through contributions from members and sponsors. The portal set out a virtual cultural route reflecting the interests and objectives of the community of vine and wine museums and cultural centers.


Creating Public/Private Sector Partnerships
ACT activities initially focused on supporting regional cultural cooperation as developed in the Kyiv Initiative. In this respect, its focus was the Wine Culture Tourism Exchange (WCTE) project. The Wine Culture Tourism Exchange project created regional public/private sector partnerships for the exchange of information and ideas in the development of wine culture tourism.


Robert Tinlot: President of ACT
The ACT Exchange’s activities began in 2009 to continue and extend the work initiated by the Council of Europe’s Cultural Department, and specifically the Creating Cultural Capital (CCC) Project. The statues of the association drafted in collaboration with the Directorate of Culture and National Heritage, state the ACT Exchange’s aims and objectives as continuing those of the Council of Europe’s program on Cultural Cooperation. Robert Tinlot became the first president of the association