"This collaboration with the Council of Europe and the ACTE has offered a unique opportunity for Microsoft to impact the life of Europeans and millions of people from around the world looking for a taste of Europe."


Creating sustainable culture through smart tourism
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Global Ecosystem for Culture and Tourism

We believe that culture can be used to support many worthy causes from artist empowerment, to professionally and autonomously curated tours, to community advocacy.

Storytelling Platform

A powerful platform where communities can digitally store their rich cultural heritage for future production and distribution to cultural consumers via proximity driven mobile applications.
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Promotional Platform

The power of the ACT network extends to transport providers, associations & chapters around the world. Promote your community using our marketing tools and programs.
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Sustainable Tourism System

Build a self-sustaining ecosystem. Communities must not only rely on grants and incentives governments but create cultural capital using internal resources and human ingenuity.
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Digital Souvenirs + Social Media = Customer Engagement
Destination Marketing
ACT believes that the world is one connected ecosystem. No longer is isolation an option. At ACT, we work with local cultural stakeholders to promote their unique heritage around the corner and around the world with innovative programs.

By using sophisticated techniques, advanced technologies and the ACT Network, we tell the world about your destination and keep it sustainable by respecting the delicate balance between the local residents and those who visit.

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Strasbourg Cathedral
Restaurant Marco Polo
Art Gallery Delphine Courtay
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Make your community IOT ready
Bring culture to life in the physical world.

By connecting each monument, attraction and historic location to an ACT smart node, your destination comes to life so visitors and residents can experience all your community has to offer.

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