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The goal of a local ACT Chapter is to enable people who share the vision and mission of ACT to bring it to their community. Its members work together to plan and execute ACT’s programs, activities, and events.
A local chapter is part of ACT organization, but it is responsible for its own finances. Initial expenses when starting a chapter are likely to be related to the establishment of an office, communication facilities, a website, and the arrangement of meetings.

Different levels of involvment

National Chapter

ACTE National Chapters are responsible for coordinating all the activities of the regional chapters. Generally, the National Chapter Membership is comprised of an executive team and members from each regional chapter.

Regional Chapter

It is comprised of individuals or organizations that, as a matter of geographic convenience, organize themselves to promote the goals of the association in a regional context.


Affiliate Memberships with ACT are intended for companies, businesses, or organizations that provide services (e.g., insurance, tax preparation for participants) to ACT’s members.
Cultural Community Empowerment
Your Chapter will become part of our global network and participate in programs that drive cultural and touristic projects that directly benefit the local community, and indirectly benefit the world at large, by creating a platform where ideas, cultures and history can be shared.
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