The Mission of ACT
ACT’s mission is to promote culture around the world by advocating a unified framework allowing any cultural stakeholder so share their work around the corner or around the world.

For our partners, we provide:

  • An open source platform for the categorization of historically or culturally significant person place or thing
  • Access to the database via API for any institution
  • Framework for location information and proximity services to be attached to the platform
  • A digital asset Management platform which assigns attributes to events.

Bringing Culture to Life

If a picture is worth 1000 words, 360° video , Augmented reality, and virtual reality are priceless.

Digital Mapping

Our experts work with your story tellers to digitize unique stories that are presented in both the physical and virtual world, preserving history and creating lasting memories (Digital Souvenirs) for future generations.

Digital Asset Management

It adopts and adapts the framework from for data and asset classification and allows contribution and retrieval to our proprietary platform via well-documented APIs.

360 Marketing Platform

From the creation of the idea to the dissemination of the message, ACT works with your organization to drive more visitors to your location.

AR & VR Mobile App

Our iOS and Android apps trigger unique experiences as visitors and residents navigate your community. Access rich information and receive timely notifications about what’s happening in your community.
Personalized Video
ACT works with video experts to build amazing videos showcasing your location.

From simple profile videos to customer personalization, ACT help your organization deliver astounding experiences that will wow consumers.

Video Profile
Personalized Invitation
Video Promotion
Video Souvenir

Make IOT a reality in your community.

Bring your city to life as both visitors and residents explore all your community has to offer. By making each monument, attraction and historic house come to life, visitors can experience the richness of your community.

Bring your stories to life with augmented and virtual reality

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